Price list
accounting services

Accountancy office

Number of documents Net Price Gross Price
0-100 documents 1.000,00 1.230,00
100-150 documents 1.500,00 1.845,00
150-200 documents 2.000,00 2.460,00
More than 200 documents negotiated
Personnel and payroll services/per person 25,00 30,75

Additional work Net Price Gross Price
Establishment of Limited company 1000,00 1230,00
Establishment of a sole proprietorship 200,00 246,00
Accounting for grants -Conducting additional records half of the monthly charge
Preparation of accounting policy 1000,00 1230,00
Preparation of requests for payment 10,00 12,30
Preparing reports for Central Statistical Office 30,00 36,90
Reporting cash-per page 30,00 36,90
The preparation of contracts work orders 20,00 24,60
Closing the year, preparation of financial statements monthly charge
The preparation of the loan application to the bank 150,00 184,50

*Accounting document that everyone who shall be registered for tax purposes eg .: invoice, bill, payroll, receipt, internal evidence.
*In the price list are quoted based prices that may change after negotiations.