Accounting Office JL Primus

We are a licensed accountancy office which provides services throughout the whole territory of Poland. We provide services for both Polish and foreign organisations. We also communicate in the English language. We specialise in keeping tax revenue expense ledgers, expense ledgers and providing comprehensive accountancy services (comprehensive account books).

We offer the full range of accountancy services for:
  • natural persons (a tax revenue and expense ledger),
  • limited liability companies,
  • foundations,
  • associations,
  • general partnerships,
  • limited liability partnerships,
  • civil-law partnerships,
  • housing associations,
  • other entities conducting comprehensive accountancy.

The activities of our Office are covered by a liability insurance, not only to be in accordance to mandatory provisions of law, but also to provide complete, substantive and financial security for serviced customers.

We conduct consulting services in the matters concerning accountancy and HR within continuous customer service,. When the contract with our Office is concluded, customer’s obligations are limited to the following practical activities:
  • issuance of sales documentation and, in the case of companies which conduct comprehensive accountancy, further issuance of a cash turnover on their own,
  • validation of documents by an authorised person,
  • provision of documents according to their types (a sales invoice, costs, cash reports, bank account statements, etc.),
  • informing us about events which may have an impact upon tax obligations.

Our office makes entries in the books and provides a record required by law. We prepare required registers and printouts on the basis of which tax declarations and statements are drawn up. We deliver drawn-up documents to offices under the terms legally prescribed.