Focus on the development of your business!

Our purpose is to react positively to the continuously changing maze of tax provisions and the issues related to settlement of employees. We will ensure that these details are not burdensome and do not obscure the main object of economic activity conducted by you as an individual entrepreneur or business owner.

Reliability and safety

The Accountancy Certificate issued by the Minister of Finance reflects the professional status of our office. Also, the liability insurance, our experience and continuously improved qualifications allow us to effectively manage the accountancy and book-keeping demands of your business.


You have no need to trouble yourself personally with statements for ZUS or Tax Office. We will submit them on your behalf in electronic form as an e-declaration with an e-signature.

Reduction of costs

The services provided by an accountancy office are usually less expensive than employing an appropriately specialised employee, especially after consideration of all the costs, i.e. their remuneration along with social security contributions, various bonuses and vouchers. Moreover, the individual cost may be high of an error made during the performance of accountancy services.


Even if you use accounting programmes, data entry costs a lot of time. Moreover, it also involves the time needed to search for information on current legal provisions and may require visiting different offices. Our Office will help you with all these problems.

Guarantee of the timely completion of orders

Income statements – on time and in the required form.

No stress

Visiting offices and talking to public officials (especially when we are not sure whether we calculated everything correctly) may not be very pleasant to some. Our Office will also assist you in these matters by providing a standard service.

Up-to-date tax and HR information

You will be able find the financial data of your enterprise on our website (online, email) or our phone apps at any time. These platforms contain a great deal of information which can help you conduct your business and enable you to focus upon what you can do best, i.e. your company activity. Let us deal with those matters which we can do resolve quickly and efficiently with an approach which is better, more effective and less expensive. Moreover, our services come with the guarantee of the highest diligence and the confidentiality of all the information entrusted.