Book-keeping offer

We keep account books in the “Rewizor” financial accounting system or in another system proposed by the customer. Moreover, we provide services in the scope of book-keeping:
  • full accountancy,
  • tax revenue and expense ledger,
  • revenue record,
  • VAT registers,
  • fixed asset records,
  • equipment record.

Payroll and settlements of
social insurance contributions service

  • We offer comprehensive support in relation to the calculation of remuneration and all bonuses or allowances on the basis of records of working time and information obtained from a customer.
  • We present annual information on incomes generated and advance payments deducted for personal income tax.
  • We prepare declarations for a month’s advance payment for personal income tax on the basis of the total sum of salaries.
  • We prepare tax returns for employees (PIT40).
  • We establish the book-keeping for a company by use of the “Płatnik Przekaz Elektroniczny” programme.

Accountancy taking over

How to change the accountancy office?

Please contact us if your organisation cannot grow and evolve because your accountancy office does not understand your needs or simply you expect something more than drawing up your tax settlements. We will prepare an attractive offer for those who have decided to change their accountancy office. We will advise you how to go through this process with no negative influence on your business.